A field trip for petroleum engineers, geologists and science teachers.



Thursday July 26, 2001


Presented by the Los Angeles Basin Section of the

Society of Petroleum Engineers


Yes, there’s oil and natural gas in downtown Los Angeles and plenty of it.  In fact, the petroleum industry has played a colorful role in the city’s history.  See the oil industry up close and personal.  Ask the questions you’ve been wondering about at the gas station or in the news. 


Los Angeles possesses a remarkable petroleum history.  From the oil seeps that preserved ice age animal life, to today’s urban oil production drill sites, oil is a part of the fabric of Los Angeles.  There is no other city in the world is built upon such a prolific petroleum basin.


This field trip will introduce you to the historical oil fields of the Los Angeles Basin.  We will visit the following locations:


            Oldest operating wells in South California at the Los Angeles City oil field.


View of the controversial Belmont Learning Complex.


Lunch at the Farmers Market and view the new developments on the site. 


Tour the Packard and San Vicente Drill Sites operated by Stocker Resource Co.

in the Beverly Hills Oil Field.  Active oil drilling rigs will be at these drill sites.                               


Tour of the La Brea Tar Pits


The objective of this trip is to educate the community through a hands-on experience about how the petroleum industry operates in environmentally sensitive areas within an urban setting.  Learn how crude oil and natural gas are formed from deep within the earth and how we find it, and produce it safely.  See how wells are drilled and how we coax the oil and gas out of the ground.  You will observe how the oil and gas are treated on the surface prior to shipping to the refineries.


Transportation will be by bus from the Long Beach Petroleum Club at 8:00 AM.  Alternate pick up points will be available.  Transportation, lunch and guidebook will be provided.

This will be a FUN day!


The trip leaders will be:

Don Clarke, Chairman of the Los Angeles Basin Geological Society and geologist

at the City of Long Beach, Department of Oil Properties

John Jepson, Chairperson of the LA Basin SPE, California Division of Oil, Gas and

Geothermal Resources

Ed Santiago, Past Chairperson of the LA Basin SPE, California Division of Oil, Gas and

Geothermal Resources

Gordon Stewart, a geophysicist





Fee:    $60.00 for engineers and geologists, $10.00 for teachers




Mail:  Send check payable to the S. P. E. with your name, address, company affiliation or school, telephone number and e-mail to:


Thais McComb, SPE Petroleum Forum Treasurer

10357 La Despensa,

Fountain Valley, Ca, 92708


Attendance is on a first come first served basis.  Register today to be assured a spot.

            Deadline for registration will be July 6.


For more information look at our Internet website at www.laspe.org, or contact:


John Jepson, DOGGR  (714) 816-6847, chair@laspe.org, jjepson@consrv.ca.gov

Ed Santiago, DOGGR  (714) 816-6847, esantiag@consrv.ca.gov

Thais Montenegro de McComb, (714) 962-1723, tmontenegro@prodigy.net

Don Clarke, Long Beach Oil Properties, 562-570-3915, doclark@ci.long-beach.ca.us  




The San Vicente Drill Site at the Beverly Shopping Center