FSEA 2002 Outreach Program

On 13 June, the completion of the third FSEA after-school program at Mabel Paine Elementary School, in Yorba Linda was announced during the school award ceremonies on 13 June 2002. Steve Westrom, FSEA Vice President, pictured below, presented an appreciation FSEA plaque to Principal Brian McKiernan and described the FSEA program, www.fsea.org , founded by Steve's father, George Westrom, as an OCEC (Orange County Engineering Council) program, to encourage the students to learn about the science and engineering.

All three years of this program at Mabel Paine were proudly supported by the Los Angles Basin Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Also pictured is John Thompson, Chair of the SPELA, presenting the outstanding faculty advisor award to Mary Jacobs, who supervised the students. The mentors for this year's project were Dr. Lyman Handy, retired Head of the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at USC, and two fathers: Ken Bent and John Halbur. Sam Sarem helped with the organization and financing of the program. The Advisor for the first year program Buz Sawyer, who sadly passed away on 3 May 2002.

The picture of Mary Jacobs with John Thompson and Steve Westrom is also presented. 

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