April 2001


Los Angeles Basin Section Newsletter




Letter from the Chair . . . John Jepson



Are you ready to have fun?


Text Box: Schedule of Events
April 11	Barbecue at Weatherford Enterra

April 12	Easter Egg Hunt for Long Beach International School at Drake Park

April 17	Petroleum Technology Forum
		William (Bill) Jentsch Jr. 
		College Scholarships awarded.

April 17-19	LA County Science Fair
April 25	Orange County Science Fair

May 8		Petroleum Technology Forum
	Chris Wright, Pinnacle Tech.
	Mapping Hydraulic Fractures

May 19 	Long Beach Schools Science Fair

June 12 	Petroleum Technology Forum
Frank Komin, President of THUMS Long Beach Co.

July	Field Trip to the Oil Fields of Downtown Los Angeles

That was the question brought up at the SPE section officers meeting held during the Bakersfield Western Regional Meeting last week. Section officers brainstormed ways to improve our meetings and earn your participation. It was suggested that our meetings are not fun, that they are technical but usually not fun. One person mentioned that those geologists are the fun bunch! I know that petroleum engineers we can have fun and learn technical topics at the same time.


What does it take to have a meeting or event that will earn your participation? Do we need to change the times of our monthly forums? Do we need to give away a computer or other prizes? Or are all the petroleum engineers out there so busy working for leaner, meaner companies and cannot afford break away at mid-day for a technical meeting. Let us know how we can become a better SPE section.


We need your ideas. Please let me know which topics you want for a lunch meeting or a half-day seminar. If your company pays a consultant for an in-house seminar consider opening it up to the general SPE membership. Your costs will be lower and more engineers will benefit from the course. Give me a call or send me an E-mail with your suggestions. Everything we do is open to discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.

Listed here are the fun events we have planned for this month and beyond.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


John Jepson

                        Section Chairperson

            Awardees at the WRM, front row, K.C. Hong,

Teresa Blackburn and Lyman Handy, back row, SPE President Bruce Bernard and Western Region Director Joyce Holtzclaw.


SPE Western Region Technicnal Achievement Award


Lyman Handy was awarded the SPE Western Region Technical Achievement Award at the March meeting in Bakersfield. He earned the award primarily through his 20 years as Chairman of USC's Petroleum Engineering Department and the following contributions to the Western Region of SPE:

·      Taught reservoir engineering to hundreds of engineers, many who continue to apply their knowledge in the Western Region.

·      Managed expansion of USC's Masters program to allow working engineers throughout southern and central California to continue their education.

·      Conducted research regarding use of surfactants to improve thermal oil recovery.

·      Actively supported the Western Regional Meeting and many other SPE technical and educational activities.


As one of the initial recipients of this award, Lyman Handy sets a high standard for others to meet, not only due to his numerous technical contributions to the industry, but also due to his dedication to the highest principles of SPE.


Nomination by Glen Swanson,  Signal Hill Petroleum

Mike Fillipow and science students at Long Beach Poly High School work on their new laptop computers donated by THUMS Long Beach Co. Last fall THUMS gave 15 laptop computers to the SPE to be donated to local schools. If your company has excess computer equipment taking up space or you are upgrading to new systems consider donating it to the SPE and we will put it in good hands, the hands of children at schools in the SPE Educational Outreach Program.


College scholarships will be awarded at the Forum meeting on April 17. Congradulation to the following Scholarships winners:



Manuel Nuno            $1,000 ,

Nitesh Rastogi         $500, President of SPE

Student Chapter

Montserrat Martin $500, Secretary of SPE, Student Chapter     



Juan Anguiano         $1,000 Secretary of SPE

Student Chapter

Ursula Wylie            $1,000

The Mei Chang Memorial Scholarships

Now accepting applications for:


High school senior entering college in the fall of 2001, reside in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, intend to major in engineering or Geology.


For more information, please contact Ted Garland, Scholarship Chairman, at

(323) 298-2299 from 6 AM to 3 PM. The deadline for submittal of the completed application is April 30, 2001








DATE:            Tuesday, April 17, 2001


TIME: 11:30 am – Social

                        12:00 pm – Lunch

                        12:30 pm – Presentation


PLACE:          Long Beach Petroleum Club

                        3636 Linden Avenue

                        Long Beach, CA

COST:           $15.00 General Admission,

$5.00 Students


RESERVATIONS:    Not Required


SPEAKER: William (Bill) Jentsch Jr.

Business Development
Evaluations Engineer


Plains Resources Inc.

                        (Owner of Stocker Resources)


TOPIC:           Petroleum Capacity, Supply and Demand: The Flawed Reporting Processes

Accurate information of worldwide crude oil production capacity, supply and demand (CSD) is crucial to management and investment decisions in the energy industry in particular and the economy in the aggregate. Yet, the industry has to rely on consistently flawed reporting processes, and as it does so, the industry encounters dynamics outside those typically experienced in a commodity industry

Text Box: Urgent Notice

2003 General Chairperson 
needed to organize a committed staff of volunteers.  Must have people skills and able to  
motivate people.  Excellent career building opportunity.

Contact John Jepson or Sam Sarem

In the environment that existed from 1974 to 1993, the production and capacity curves were parallel. Thus, reporting inaccuracies did not wield a dramatic influence. But in 1993 a trend toward diminishing excess capacity began. Also, in the '70s we began entering a period of inelasticity of supply. Today we have inelastic supply, and demand with a much greater elasticity. When supply inelasticity is coupled with a low excess-capacity environment, even small changes in perceived supply cause significant changes in price.




W. A. (Bill) Jentsch Jr. has 19 years of industry experience, in the U.S. and abroad. He is Business Development Evaluations Engineer for Houston-based Plains Resources. He holds a BSME from Texas A&M and an MBA from UCLA and is the 2001 SPE Annual Technical Conference Program Committee Chairman.


For additional information, please contact:

John Jepson, DOGGR (714) 816-6847, chair@laspe.org, jjepson@consrv.ca.gov

Tom Hoy, Long Beach Dept. of Oil Properties (562) 570-3943, tohoy@ci.long-beach.ca.us
Brennan Campbell, THUMS (562) 624-3536, Brennan_Campbell@oxy.com

Thais Montenegro de McComb, (714)962-1723, tmontenegro@prodigy.net

John Thompson, The Gas Company (310) 578-2689, jathomp12@earthlink.net