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Eric Withjack
A view from the chair . . .

Chairperson Eric Withjack
Message for June 2012

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The California State Lands Commission is currently offering examinations for the Energy and Mineral Resources Engineer and Associate Mineral Resources Engineer classifications in Long Beach, CA. To view the exam bulletin(s) and filing requirements go to www.jobs.ca.gov .  Questions regarding the State exam process or this announcement should be directed to the California State Lands Commission’s Personnel Office at 916-574-1910.

LA SPE Petroleum Technology Forum

September 11th


Past and Future Forum Presentations


The Strangest Oil Field I’ve Ever Seen, Lomas Las Yeguas in the Argentine
Arlie M. Skov
Arlie M. Skov, Inc. Petrolem Consulting

Remarks by WNAR Director
Sam Sarem, Ph.D., P.E., SPE Director

Evaluation of Pipes
Using Long-Range Guided Wave Ultrasonics
Dr. Reyaz Sabet-Sharghi, IESCO

CORE IMAGING - Twentyfive Years of Equipment, Techniques and Applications of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) for Core Analysis
by Eric Withjack, given at the October 11 Petroleum Technology Forum

Western North America Regional Section Officers Information
A briefing for local section officers on SPE Resources and Responsibilities
by Sam Sarem, WNAR Director, presented at October 11 Petroleum Technology Forum

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