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Letter from the Chair . . . John Jepson

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you enjoyed a great holiday season. For me the holidays roll by so fast I don't even know what hit me! I'm sure most of you are the same way, with busy families, hectic career commitments and less time to do more. Most of us think we have little time to attend a meeting or volunteer for an organization like the SPE.

But our events do not have to take a great amount of your time. For 2 hours a month you can network with your peers at the Petroleum Technology Forum, have a good lunch and learn about a new idea or technology that can effect your business. This year we have seen presentations on the East Lost Hills blow out, drill cutting and solid waste injection, and lower cost exploration and production platforms. Last month's talk on the future use of lasers to perforate and drill wells was one of the best talks I have heard in several years. The idea of using "star wars" technology, which we the taxpayers have paid billions for, to vaporize sandstone from the well bore is very exciting. It may be several years away but still just around the corner.

We also have several excellent speakers coming up during the next six months:

January 9 Iraj Ershaghi, USC
Small Producers' Reservoir Management Recipes

February 13 Shane Mohammadi, Petrointernational
E-Commerce for Management of Global
Energy Projects

March 13 Bill Jentsch, Plains Resources
Worldwide Crude Oil Production Capacity,
Supply and Demand

April 10 - Open

May 8 Chris Wright, Pinnacle Technology
"Unraveling the Mystery of Hydraulic
FractureGrowth - Direct Observations and
Modeling Strategies"

June 12 Jim Eastlack THUMS Long Beach
A review of Operation in the Long Beach Unit

July 10 Field Trip to ?

To mix it up a little, the February 13 talk on e-commerce by Mr. Mohammadi will be in the late afternoon at 4:00. We are hoping to attract more of you by changing the time of the meeting and adding additional time to socialize.

All of our Forum meetings are centrally located at the Long Beach Petroleum Club. If you cannot take the time for lunch and the talk, come out for just the presentation. They usually start at 12:30.

In addition to the Forum series we will have our Spring Barbecue during March, the Western Regional
Meeting in Bakersfield, March 26-30, and the SPE

These events do take time out of our day, but consider they are only once per month and there are numerous benefits to attending. For two hours of your time you get to learn something new and network with engineers from other companies. Come out and join us next Tuesday, January 9.




Board of Directors Meeting
Division of Oil and Gas Office, Cypress
Wednesday, Jan 3, 4:30 pm

Petroleum Technology Forum
Long Beach Petroleum Club
Tuesday, Jan 9, 11:30 am

Other News:

Our successful outreach program continues to be an outstanding success and has grown to 10 elementary schools in petroleum producing cities in the
L. A. Basin. A Long Beach high school will be added to the program this year. The program will be improved again with the donation of 15 laptop computers from THUMS. These computers will be given to the schools for use in the classroom and libraries.

Thanks to B. J. Services for their contribution of matching funds to assist the LASPE in sending 5 USC students to the National SPE meeting in Dallas.

If you have an idea on how to improve the Section or know of an interesting speaker, please let me know by e-mailing at, or by phone at (714) 816-6847.

Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.

John Jepson


Petroleum Technology Forum

DATE: Tuesday, January 9, 2001
TIME: 11:30 am
PLACE: Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA
COST: $15.00 , $5.00 Students

SPEAKER: Iraj Ershaghi, Professor and Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program at USC

TOPIC: Small Kids Playing Adult Games: Small Producers' Reservoir Management recipes for California Geriatric Oilfields

With the gradual departure of major oil companies from California, small independent producers are taking hold of the custody of large oil and gas operations. These producers with no R & D capabilities, while economizing, are investing creativity in reservoir management, in dealing with regulatory agencies and in implementation of off-the-shelf advanced technologies. A cursory review shows that at times they have done better than what the majors did in the past. This talk will review the problems and opportunities ahead for the research community, academicians and expert consultants.



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