March 2002

Los Angeles Basin Section Newsletter

On March 27, 2002, beginning at 5:00 p.m., the SPE LA Basin Section is having their 8th Annual Santa Maria Style BBQ Fundraiser and SPE Membership Cookout at Weatherford Enterra’s site which is located at 19722 So. Alameda Street in Rancho Dominguez.  This is about 100 yards north of Del Amo and Alameda on the right hand side of the street.  Proceeds help to provide over 150 kindergartners from Long Beach International Elementary enjoying a morning looking for Easter eggs filled with wrapped chocolate candy and having their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  The Easter Egg Hunt will take place at Drake Park in Long Beach the following day.  Many of the children are from low socio-economic families and won’t have this opportunity on Easter Day.  It’s always a fun time with lots of good food, people, and plenty of prizes.  Please plan to attend the BBQ.  For further information and BBQ tickets, please contact one of the following: Ed Santiago (CADOGGR) at 714/816-6847, Jeff Blesener (LBDOP) at 562/570-3905, or Mike McCarter (THUMS) 562/624-3247.




DATE:             Tuesday, March 12, 2002                                              

TIME:              11:30 am – Social

                        12:00 pm – Lunch

                        12:30 pm – Presentation

PLACE:          Long Beach Petroleum Club

                        3636 Linden Avenue

                        Long Beach,  CA

COST:            $15.00  General; $5.00 Students


SPEAKER:      Larry Geisler, Consultant


TOPIC:  Shaly Sand Log Analysis – Clay Volume, Dual Water Model, and Bulk Water


The petroleum scientist is frequently required to evaluate shaly sand reservoirs in which open-hole electric and porosity logging data is available.  Of concern to the petrophysicist is shale corrected porosity, or effective porosity, and effective water saturation.  Shale corrections for porosity and water saturation commonly require knowledge of clay volume in the reservoir, which can be a challenge in itself.

Some methods of clay volume calculation will be reviewed, with emphasis on techniques using neutron porosity, density porosity, and gamma ray crossplots.  Water saturation calculation using the dual water model will also be discussed.  The significance of effective bulk volume water will be introduced.

Examples and applications of shaly sand analysis will include the Turner Sandstone (oil reservoir) in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and the Mesaverde Group (basin-centered gas reservoir) in the Piceance Basin, Colorado.


Mr. Geisler is currently a consulting log analyst.  His primary focus is evaluation of shaly sand and carbonate reservoirs.  Projects range from exploration and development to property acquisition and divestiture.  Most of his activities have been in the Rocky Mountain District of the U.S. and Canada.  His work experience includes 5 years as Senior Exploration Geologist for Burlington Northern, Inc., 2 years as Exploration and Development geologist for JN Oil and Gas, and 21 years as Petroleum Consultant.   Mr. Geisler’s educational background includes a B.A. in Geology (1974) from the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana. 


                    For additional information, please contact: 

Tom Hoy, Long Beach Dept. of Oil Properties (562) 570-3943,
Brennan Campbell, THUMS  (562) 624-3536,

Thais Montenegro de McComb, (714)962-1723,

Dan Dudak, State Lands, (562) 590-5201,



Attention Duffers, Hackers and Scratch Golfers

It’s springtime again and that means the SPE Charity Golf Classic is right around the corner.  Join us at Greenriver Golf Coarse on Friday, June 7, for a little golf, good food, fun and some great prizes.

We are fortunate to have Tim Liggett return as our tournament chairman.  Tim and his outstanding organizing crew have tried to retire from the event for the last couple of years.  But you keep calling for their return.  They have put on such a good event for the past 12 years that we just couldn’t let them go!

The funds raised from the tournament go for community outreach programs, student scholarships, computer equipment for schools and several local charities.  During the awards dinner the SPE will award the Leadership in Industry Award.  Please see the information and nomination form in this newsletter.

We anticipate the tournament to sell out again this year.  Be on the lookout for your tournament registration brochure and return it promptly.  If you do not receive a brochure and want to be a part of the action, please contact Tim Liggett and he will get one out to you.  Tim can be reached at 562/944-8511, fax at 562-906-0331 or email at .



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2002 Society of Petroleum Engineers

Leadership in Industry Award

Nomination Form



The Society Of Petroleum Engineers recognizes we have leaders who possess unique qualities in the work place and also volunteer their free time to contribute to their communities.


This award was established to highlight this individual’s outstanding contributions to industry and his/her community through their commitment to the improvement and advancement of our workplace and communities.



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2002 SPE Technology Update Series


Reducing Power Cost in Old Oil Fields

Mike Paik, PE-EE

 Southern California Edison


Electric power cost is not a fixed cost but a variable cost.  It is possible for the average oil field operating company to reduce its electric power cost without turning off production. The objective of the training is for attendees to leave the room with the practical "mental tools" to begin power cost reduction immediately.  This is not a class in electrical engineering.  It is not a class in energy efficiency.  It is practical, dirty-hands training in cutting power cost. No prior knowledge or background is required.  Training is suitable for; general supervision & management, financial analysts, engineers, operators, electricians, etc. Participants should bring a simple pocket calculator and a few of their power bills.  The bills will NOT be shared with other students; they are for the student’s reference during the billing part of the class. As an added feature, the class will use the computer facilities of the SCE Customer Technology Applications Center (CTAC) to allow hands-on experience with a range of free spreadsheets, public domain software and informational websites. This workshop is field tested - it has been presented since 1991.  The class has been highly rated by attendees from oil fields in: Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas & California


Wednesday, April 10, 2002

8:00 am — 3:00 pm

SCE  - Customer Technology Application Center (CTAC)

6090 N. Irwindale Ave., Irwindale, CA 91702


Registration Fee: $60.00 (includes breakfast, refreshments, lunch and workbook). Space is limited to 25 participants. To reserve a place, please register by March 25, 2002


SPE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE SERIES is funded principally through a grant from the   SPE FOUNDATION



2002 SPE Technology Update Series  Reducing Power Cost in Old Oil Fields”

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Text Box: 2002 SPE Technology Update Series
“ Reducing Power Cost in Old Oil Fields”

 Mail this form and check to:  Thais Mc Comb 
                                              SPE– LA Continuing Education
                                              10357 La Despensa, Fountain Valley, CA 92708	
 Please make checks payable to:  SPE-LA Basin Section

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