May 2001


Los Angeles Basin Section Newsletter




Letter from the Chair . . . John Jepson



As we are coming closer to our major fund raising event, the SPE Charity Golf Classic in June, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about one of the programs we have been funding. But first we need to give several people a well deserved thanks.


Last month we had another outstanding barbecue at Weatherford in Carson. A hardy thank you goes to Roy Kassinger and his crew for going above and beyond. The tri-tip and beans were the best I ever tasted. Thanks also to Ed Santiago for planning and organizing the event. Ed was responsible for obtaining most of the major raffle prizes from the Hyatt, Westin and Marriott Hotels. Ed, another outstanding job! Thanks also to John Thompson for the donation of a gift basket and a gift certificate from the Southern California Gas Company. An SPE thanks to all those who donated prizes and attended the event.

Text Box: Schedule of Events

May 8		Petroleum Technology Forum
	Chris Wright, Pinnacle Tech.
	Mapping Hydraulic Fractures

May 19 	Long Beach Schools Science Fair
		Cal State Long Beach

June 8		SPE Charity Golf Classic

June 12 	Petroleum Technology Forum
Frank Komin, President of THUMS Long Beach Co.

July 26	Field Trip to the Urban Oil Fields of Downtown Los Angeles

A very important program the Los Angeles Section is funding is the Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) at Maple Paine Elementary School in Yorba Linda.


Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) is a national after-school program that promotes technology, science and engineering in grades 4-12. The primary mission of FSEA is to interest, motivate and educate young people in technology, math, engineering and science. FSEA Chapters are made of 20-30 students and are sponsored by businesses, professional societies and community organizations. The goal is to establish chapters in all elementary, junior high and high schools through-out the nation


Dr. Sam Sarem, LA Basin Section past Chair and Dr. Lyman Handy, past Chair of USC Petroleum Department are the mentors for this program at Maple Paine.


The LA Basin Section FSEA Committee is now working to create at least five petroleum engineering related projects for FSEA. If you are interested in helping develop petroleum related science projects for distribution to FSEA chapters throughout the nation contact Sam Sarem at or at (714) 692-1198.

For more information about Future Scientists and Engineers of America look at their website at


            Please plan to join us on May 8 for our last SPE Distinguished Lecturer of the year, Chris Wright (announcement below). See you there.  


As always, please contact me with your ideas or concerns regarding the Section. Looking forward to hearing from you.


John Jepson                

Section Chairperson



Students from Long Beach International School enjoyed the SPE Easter Egg Hunt on April 12. Thanks to all the SPE members who took part.


Legion of Honor Awards


Congradulation to the following SPE members for attaining the Legion of Honor Award. The award is given each year to the engineers that have been members for 50 years.


John F. Bergquist


Richard J. Aseltine


Henry J. Welge


Joshua M. Tharp Jr.


Orhan Salman


Downs McCloskey Jr.


John D. Lindner


Don E. Evert


Phillip G. Cook


William S. Bachman



The Legion of Honor Awards will be presented during the June Petroleum Forum meeting on

June 12. Please mark it on your calender and join us.

Forum. Pictures above are Scholarship Chairman Ted Garland, from Stocker Resources, Professor Iraj Ershaghi, USC, award winners Juan Anguiano, USC, Montserrat Martin, CSULB, Manuel Nuno, CSULB and John Jepson, Section Chairperson. Not pictured are scholarship receipients Ursula Wylie and Nitesh Rastogi. 




July 26


A combined field trip for the SPE and Los Angeles Geological Society



This field trip will introduce you to the historical oil fields of the Downtown Los Angeles. We will visit the 100-year-old wells in the Los Angeles City oil field. Then view the oil seeps near Wilshire Blvd. on our way to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Salt Lake Oil Field. Lunch will be at the Farmers Market. In the afternoon we will visit an urban oil production drillsite in the Beverly Hills Oil Field.

Estimated cost for the trip will be $50.


For more information contact John Jepson at









DATE:            Tuesday, May 8, 2001

TIME: 11:30 am – Social

                        12:00 pm – Lunch

                        12:30 pm – Presentation


PLACE:          Long Beach Petroleum Club

                        3636 Linden Avenue

                        Long Beach

COST:           $15.00 General Admission,

$5.00 Students

RESERVATIONS:    Not Required


SPEAKER: Chris Wright, President of Pinnacle Technologies


Unraveling the Mystery of
Hydraulic Fracture Growth: Direct Observations and Modeling Strategies

Hydraulic Fracturing has proven to be a fruitful well stimulation technique in an ever-increasing range of environments. Application has spread from enhancing production rates in low permeability reservoirs to fracturing poorly consolidated high perm reservoirs, fracturing of horizontal and deviated wellbores, fracturing of unconventional (often naturally fractured) reservoirs, fracturing for waste disposal, etc. While significant progress has been made in engineering hydraulic fracture treatments, the process complexity is still alarming.

Physical models of the fracturing process have been developed to predict the size and shape of hydraulic fractures. Production data analysis and well testing have also been employed. However, direct
observation of created fractures has been an elusive goal that has only recently become feasible outside of research settings. This seminar will present some conclusions drawn from direct diagnostic observations on hundreds of hydraulic fracture treatments. The direct diagnostic observations are mainly from downhole and surface tilt mapping, but also include observations from tracer logging, microseismic mapping, fracture growth into offset wellbores, and intersecting-well fracture core-throughs.


Widespread application of direct fracture diagnostics has answered many specific questions and identified complexities of fracture growth, but to fully exploit these findings, predictive modeling tools must incorporate them. A fracture model is required to evaluate economic tradeoffs of alternative stimulation or completion designs, in other words, to predict how a particular fracture design will grow. The seminar will conclude with some comments on how to enhance or “calibrate” our existing models with direct diagnostic observations of fracture growth in specific environments.


Chris is the founder and president of Pinnacle Technologies. Chris has spent the last 14 years working

on various aspects of hydraulic fracturing – including technology development, consulting and services, and teaching numerous courses. He was co-chairman of the 1998 SPE Forum on Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostic Methods; and has received various awards for his contributions to hydraulic fracture technology. Before founding Pinnacle in 1992, he led the development of the Fracpro system at Resources Engineering Systems (RES).


For additional information, please contact:

John Jepson, DOGGR (714) 816-6847,,

Tom Hoy, Long Beach Dept. of Oil Properties (562) 570-

Brennan Campbell, THUMS (562) 624-3536,

Thais Montenegro de McComb, (714)962-1723,

John Thompson, The Gas Company (310) 578-2689,


Chris Wright




Support your local SPE chapter and gain exposure with a business card advertisement in the LA Basin newsletter. Three months for $125. Contact Mike Bruno (626-305-8460; for details.


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