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LASPE Presents a brief report on a Special Petroleum Technology Forum

PetroTech MiniExpo Report
Held at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach on May 11th

May 11, 2004 Forum PetroTech Mini Expo

The May Forum featured three topics - frac diagnostics, identifying new potential at Santa Fe Springs and passive seismic acquisition. This was a poster session preceded by short introductions by each presenter. Scott McGurk of Plains Exploration covered the possibilities and potential of passive seismic acquisition, Rod Kane of BreitBurn reviewed steps taken at Santa Fe Springs to identify new areas of development by integrating old data into new visualization models and Porter Underwood of Halliburton discussed how small diagnostic fracs can obtain important reservoir data to improve results.

Attendees were pleased with the program and liked the idea of reviewing several technologies and personally focusing on one or two of interest.

Scott McGurk discusses the theory of passive seismic acquistion.

Rod Kane reviews the process of identifying new potential at Santa Fe Springs.

Networking and learning at the poster session.

Porter Underwood discusses frac diagnostics with THUMS hands.


LASPE Forum Committee:
Anthony Taglieri, 562-624-3343
Brandy Fellers
Rick Finken 562-570-3961,

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