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April 8 , 2008 (Tuesday) - Petroleum Technology Forum

The April Petroleum Technology Forum will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at the Long Beach Petroleum Club.  SPE Distinguished Lecturer Vello A. Kuuskraa  will present his talk “Maximizing Oil Recovery Efficiency and Sequestration of CO2 with “Next Generation” CO2-EOR.”  Even in our depleted reservoirs, there is plenty more oil down there.  We need to get it out!.  This talk was the top-rated pick in LASPE’s 2007-08 Distinguished Lecturer selection.  A commplete abstract and bio is provided below.


Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA  90807

Registration:    11:30 AM
Buffet Lunch:   12:00 noon
Presentation:   12:20-1:00 PM

$20.00 for Members
Students are our guests.

“Maximizing Oil Recovery Efficiency and Sequestration of CO2 with “Next Generation” CO2-EOR”

By Vello A. Kuuskraa, President of Advanced Resources International

Injection of CO2 into depleted and near-depleted oil reservoirs offers the potential for two mutually beneficial results - - increasing oil recovery while sequestering industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.  This presentation examines how alternative technology designs and operating strategies may enable industry to significantly improve CO2-EOR oil recovery efficiencies from the traditional 8% to 12% of original oil in-place (OOIP) to potentially over 20% OOIP, while also significantly increasing the sequestration of CO2.

The presentation draws on laboratory work, reservoir simulation and in depth assessments of significant CO2-EOR field tests that show promise for high oil recovery.  The insights gained from these sources are combined to show how injecting larger volumes of CO2, integrating horizontal wells with close vertical well spacing, rigorously managing the CO2-EOR operation, and controlling the conformance of the CO2 flood could lead to increased oil recovery efficiencies from CO2-EOR.  The presentation then examines how the sequestration of CO2 could be optimized both during and after completion of the oil recovery phase in mature oil reservoirs.

Mr. Vello A. Kuuskraa, President of Advanced Resources International is a recognized industry expert on CO2 enhanced oil and gas recovery technologies and the adaptation of these technologies for cost-effective sequestration of CO2.  He was the 1986/87 SPE Distinguished Lecturer on Enhanced Oil Recovery, serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the joint industry-government partnership called the Carbon Capture Project, and is the author of the recent series of “Basin Studies” that provide updated assessments of CO2-EOR performance and potential in U.S. oil basins.  He holds a M.B.A., from the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S., in Applied Mathematics/ Economics from North Carolina State University.   He is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor that recognizes contributions made by individuals from America’s diverse cultural ancestry.

Richard Finken, Forum Chairperson: 562-570-3961 or by email

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