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December LASPE Petroleum Technology Forum

The December Monthly Petroleum Technology Forum meets Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at the Long Beach Petroleum Club. Steve K. Cheung of Chevron Energy Technology Company will present a discussion titled “The Latest in Ways to Improve Asset Value Through Better Water Management.” A complete abstract and bio is provided below.

Petroleum Club in Long Beach on November 8th at
11:30AM Registration - 12:00 Noon Buffet Lunch - 12:20PM Presentation
$15.00 General Admission - Students
are Guests of LA SPE
Long Beach Petroleum Club, 3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach CA 90807

Latest in Ways to Improve Asset Value
Through Better Water Management

Steve K. Cheung, Chevron Technology Company

Steve Cheung, Project Leader
Chevron Technology Company

Many wells and reservoirs are prematurely abandoned due to excess water production, resulting in lost production and recovery. We need ways to delay water production in new fields, and to maximize efficiency in mature producing fields. This talk highlights some of the latest technology in prevention, diagnosis, mechanical/chemical methods, and with supporting field case history. Specific applications for injector, producer, reservoir-wide, and facility-related will be communicated. New near-wellbore and reservoir in-depth treatments will be particularly detailed. There will be discussions on Best Practices/ Lessons Learnt to improve the success rates, and mention of challenges ahead.

Steve Cheung is the Project Leader – Conformance Control at ChevronTexaco Energy Technology Company. He holds M.S. Petroleum Engineering from University of Southern California, and a Ph. D. in Chemistry from University of California, Irvine. He has worked in the industry for over 25 years, and was Team Leader – Produced Water Management, and Team Leader – Oilfield Chemistry. He teaches in-house Water Control Workshop worldwide and has consistently received the highest marks. Steve also organized in-house worldwide Subsurface Conformance Control conferences, and taught graduate-level Petroleum Engineer class at USC. He has authored papers in Well Stimulation, Conformance Control, EOR, Reservoir Monitoring, and Flow Assurance. He has been invited to speak in many meetings in USA, England, France, Denmark, Brazil, Oman, and Malaysia. He was a SPE Technical Editor, chaired many sessions in SPE Annual Conference, and co-chaired a 2004 SPE-ATW.

LASPE Forum Committee:
Rick Finken 562-570-3961,
Brandy Fellers, 562-624-3237

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