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Petroleum Club in Long Beach on February 8th at
11:30AM Registration - 12:00 Noon Lunch - 12:30PM Presentation
$15.00 General Admission - Students are guests

Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach CA 90807

Society of Petroleum Engineers
Distinguished Lecturer 2004-05 Lecture Season


Dr. Yongchun Tang
Director of the Power, Energy, and Environmental Research (PEER) Center
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology

Dr. Yongchun Tang

In order to meet the expected demand for oil and gas production and refined products in the future, novel concepts and technologies must be developed now so that they may be implemented soon. However, in recent years the industry has generally decreased their R&D efforts due to ongoing corporate restructuring and continued pressures for favorable short-term financial results. More reliance is being placed on service companies, universities, and other research institutions to close this technology development gap.
The Power, Energy, and Environmental Research (PEER) Center at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) offers a somewhat different approach to energy R&D. The strategy of the PEER Center is to bring the very strong fundamental scientific research and resources of the California Institute of Technology and other universities to bear on critical issues of the energy industry. Major oil companies and government agencies are key sponsors and participants in these projects. The PEER Center’s combined energy industrial research and academic experience makes it uniquely qualified to translate breakthroughs in fundamental science to become deployable technologies.
This presentation will describe briefly several novel technologies now under development at PEER/Caltech that offer the prospect changing the oil and gas production business in the future. These examples include:

  • Oil field chemicals are custom designed and optimized with the assistance of molecular dynamic simulations to derive formulation performance based on first principles. Examples include demulsifiers, surfactant EOR, and wax and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Biotechnology methods to greatly improve the desired activity of microbes, such as generation of bio-surfactants for MEOR or treatment chemicals for produced fluids. Bio-generated chemicals may offer more cost-effective and “greener” chemicals for the oil field than current conventional synthetically manufactured chemicals.
  • Prediction of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide concentrations in produced gas even before drilling a well.
  • Advanced basin modeling techniques that predict the composition and properties of crude oils, also before drilling.
  • New sensor technologies that allow low cost, accurate, unobtrusive on-line measurements of emissions (e.g. particulate matter, NOx, and carbon dioxide)

Dr. Yongchun Tang is currently the Director of the Power, Energy, and Environmental Research (PEER) Center in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology. Besides overseeing the operation of the PEER Center, with a staff of approximately 20 people, he has directed projects in several areas, including hydrocarbon generation and gas-to-liquids conversion. Dr. Tang also is an adjunct professor with Cornell University and the Cola Research and Geochemistry Institutes in the Chinese Academy of Science.
Before joining the California Institute of Technology, Dr. Tang was a senior scientist for 13 years with Chevron Corporation where he carried out a vigorous geochemistry research program in the areas of molecular modeling, basin modeling, and coal bed methane exploration. He has extensive experience in applying molecular modeling methods to energy industry chemistry applications. Yongchun has authored/coauthored over 75 publications and has several patents in the areas of geochemistry and oil processing. Dr. Tang holds a B.S. from Shanxi University and a Ph.D. from Ohio University, both in chemistry.

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