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LASPE Petroleum Technology Forum Announcement
January 13, 2004

Getting the Most Out of the Inglewood Filed, Los Angeles, California
Dalton Lockman, Plains E & P

The Inglewood oil field located along the Newport-Inglewood Fault trend has undergone several phases of development since its discovery in 1924. The initial development was followed by waterflooding in 1954, and by 1986 the field was rapidly maturing with increasing water-cuts and expenses. In 1990, Plains

Underbalanced Perforating TIG:
We would like to invite all LA Basin operators and vendors to attend a short face to face TIG regarding underbalanced perforating practices in the LA Basin following the January 13, 2004 Petroleum Technology Fourm. Specifically, what are your experiences with underbalanced perforating and what best practices would you recommend.

This TIG was suggested by an operator that has experienced good results in underbalanced perforating but in every instance where the well is shut in after the perf job, the water cut increases dramatically. He would appreciate any help you can give him in avoiding this situation. Please bring a business card so that we can credit the correct people with usable suggestions.

Exploration & Production acquired the field. Fieldwork focused on production engineering and facility issues. An effort was initiated from 1993 to 1997 to study and identify by-passed oil and quantify current hydrocarbon saturations. Results from drilling new wells indicated that geologic structure was a dominant factor in accurately identifying areas in the reservoir with untapped reserves.

In early 2001, Plains initiated a significant effort to resolve the structural complexity of the Inglewood Field, to characterize the reservoir, and exploit hydrocarbons that were under-developed in the past, or had not yet been identified. The current development strategy is a systematic effort starting from the shallowest zones to the deepest. The shallow reservoir zones, the Vickers and Rindge reservoirs, consist of the Pliocene aged Pico and Repetto formations which have been undergoing a waterflood since 1954. Implementation of this development strategy involves new seismic for detailed mapping of the geological structure and determining fault geometries to realign the waterflood patterns in the Vickers and Rindge reservoirs. Success in recent drill wells over the past 2 years have validated the need to understand the complex faulting as well as the turbidite rich stratigraphy. In addition to basic mapping and accompanying data base issues, much attention and effort is being given to reservoir characterization and attempting to acquire seismic data over the field in preparation for a detailed evaluation of the deeper reservoir zones.

Dalton Lockman Biography

Dalton Lockman is a senior Geologist for Plains Exploration & Production Company, responsible for stewarding all geological and geophysical work in the Inglewood Oilfield. He also lends technical analysis and support in other PXP project areas on an as needed basis.

Prior to joining Plains in 2001, Dalton worked 20 years for Exxon and ExxonMobil, primarily on properties located in the major producing basins of California. The last three years were spent in Alaska, where he provided geological oversight for all of Exxon/ExxonMobil's producing properties on the North Slope and Cook Inlet.

Dalton holds a BA degree in Geology from Whittier College and MS degree in Geology from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He is a Registered Geologist in the state of California, and is currently serving his third term as President of the Los Angeles Basin Geological Society.

An avid hiker, camper and lover of the outdoors, he lives in the Thousand Oaks area of southern California with his wife Lisa, their 4 year old son and occasional foster children.

We hope to see you on January 13th and Click Here to see complete calendar for future Forums.

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