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LASPE Petroleum Technology Forum
Petroleum Club in Long Beach on June 14th at
11:30AM Social - 12:00 Noon Lunch - 12:20PM Presentation
$15.00 General Admission - Students
are Guests of LA SPE
Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach CA 90807

Global Warming – Should the USA Sign the Kyoto Protocol?
Dr. George V. Chilingar

Dr. George V. Chilingar

Dr. Chilingar will discuss the sources, avenues of migration and the amounts of naturally produced carbon dioxide and methane (green house gasses) and long-term changes in the earth’s climate. He will demonstrate that the human contribution to green house gasses is negligible in comparison with the contribution from other sources.

The answer to the question posed by this month’s speaker is negative because the effect of cuts in mankind’s carbon dioxide emissions will be negligible. These cuts, however, will result in the economic disaster for the developed countries (first of all for the USA) – huge economic losses and job cuts.

Dr. Chilingar is professor of civil and petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California. He is author of 45 books and 500 articles in the field of petroleum engineering and geology. Dr. Chilingar has received more than 100 medals and wards from various countries and organizations, including membership in the Russian Academy of Sciences. During his career, Dr. Chilingar was chief of the petroleum and chemicals laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton Ohio and senior advisor to the United Nations. He is the Director of the Dr. Ralph W. Gunnerman Energy and Environmental Laboratory at USC.

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