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LASPE Petroleum Technology Forum Announcement
Petroleum Club in Long Beach on March 9th at 11:30AM

The Frac-Pack Completion:
" Why Has It Become the Standard Strategy for Sand Control?" or
"Why It Has Become the Mythical Panacea for Sand Control?"

David Norman, Distinguished Lecturer

David Norman
SPE Distinguieshed Lecture

Frac-packing has gradually become the standard completion technique for cased hole sand control. Originally the candidates selected for this application were screened through various qualifying thresholds to help ensure success. After only a short time, the benefits associated with NPV, portfolio assessment, reservoir management, longevity of commercial production, minimum intervention, and operating cost became obvious to all operators who utilized the technology. The frac-pack technique was observed to mitigate some of the issues and risks associated with formation stability and near-wellbore damage, flow assurance, water production, and water injection for pressure maintenance.

With the increase in equipment availability and the broadcasting of successes, the popularity of this technique has increased. Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of knowledgeable individuals who understand the technology to the point of properly applying the technique. Achieving a TSO and packing the fracture with proppant are the most important elements of the technology. Do we have the correct models to mimic the formation properties? How does the wellbore hardware impact the placement and the measurements being made to evaluate the placement? Do the measurements tell us what we need to know, and do they make sense?

This presentation will include contrasting thoughts regarding the application of the technique and the problems that can result when it is not properly applied. Several examples will be included to address relevant details. Thought-provoking questions for scrutinizing current reasoning and practices will be posed.

David Norman is currently a staff research consultant on the Completion Engineering Team in the Production Evaluation and Optimization Unit for the ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Technology Company based at ChevronTexaco's Drilling Technology Center in Houston. Norman holds a BS degree in chemistry from Mississippi College. The bulk of his oilfield experience was with Dowell and Schlumberger in several Gulf Coast locations. He worked in the areas of well construction, well completions, well intervention, and production enhancement. His major focus was sand control techniques and commercializing frac-pack completion technology. In 1998, Norman joined Chevron Production Technology Company as a completion engineering specialist. Since joining Chevron, he has worked on projects in the GOM shelf and deepwater GOM, West Africa, Eastern Canada, North Sea, China, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Norman has coauthored almost 30 technical papers and is currently an editor for the SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology feature section "Frac-Packing." He has served as a technical editor for the SPE Monograph Series on sand control and chaired the SPE Forum Series "Frac-Packing and Other Sand Control Methods." On the local SPE level, he has served as Chairman of the South Louisiana and Evangeline Sections. He has served on the boards of the Atchafalaya and Delta Sections. He is currently on the board of the Gulf Coast Section.

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