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LASPE Presents a Special Petroleum Technology Forum
Petroleum Club in Long Beach on May 11th at 11:30AM
Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach CA 90807

PetroTech MiniExpo

Topic Summaries:

New life to a sleeping giant
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Better results with diagnostic injection fracture tests
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Passive seismic implementation and analysis
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The PetroTech MiniExpo features a successful revitalization project and two technologies important to operations in the LA Basin. All three will be presented in a combination ‘introduction-poster” format. Registration starts at 11:30 AM followed by lunch at noon. Presenters will introduce their topics (approximately 10 minutes each) after which they will be available at poster sessions to discuss their topics at a more detailed level of interest.

Here are our topics:
New life to a sleeping giant: BreitBurn’s Bill Fong used 1950’s logs to develop 3D images of OOIP and combined them with subsequent production and injection performance to identify new reserve workover candidates and infill drilling locations. This successful project methodology has been applied in the past and has future application throughout the LA Basin.

Better results with diagnostic injection fracture tests: Using case histories from local fields, Porter Underwood (Hallliburton) will discuss the use of pre-program small volume diagnostic injection tests to determine key reservoir parameters to tailor the main job on a zone by zone basis and improve overall results.

Passive seismic implementation and analysis: Scott McGurk of Plains Exploration will discuss passive seismic programs, their implementation, application, analysis and expected results. Passive seismic will be compared to regular 3-D programs.

Plan on joining us on May 11. The cost is the usual $15, including lunch and students are welcome as our guests.

LASPE Forum Committee:
Anthony Taglieri, 562-624-3343
Brandy Fellers
Rick Finken 562-570-3961,

We hope to see you and Click Here to see complete calendar for future Forums.


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