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LASPE Petroleum Technology Forum
Petroleum Club in Long Beach on Tuesday September 14th at
11:30AM Social - 12:00 Noon Lunch - 12:30PM Presentation
$15.00 General Admission - $5.00 Students

Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach CA 90807


Dr. James C. Leslie, James C. Leslie H, James T. Heard, and Lee Truong
Advanced Composite Products and Technology Inc. (ACPT),
Huntington Beach, California 92649-1507

Dr. James C. Leslie, CEO ACPT Inc.


Extended Reach and Deep Water Drilling are constrained by the weight of the steel drill pipe. Transfer of data between the bottom hole assembly and the well head is currently cumbersome, slow, and less precise than desired. Recognizing these limitations, the US. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, has funded programs to develop and qualify a cost-effective composite drill pipe (Contract No. DE-FC26-99FT40262).

This light weight composite drill pipe (CDP) will provide enabling capability in all three of these areas. The program was started on September 30, 1999. To date, a six inch diameter CDP meeting the essential criteria necessary for Extended Reach and Deep Water Drilling Operations has been demonstrated. This CDP, in 30 foot sections, is approximately V2 the weight of it’s steel counterpart. The program is currently proceeding with final proof testing of this CDP and is beginning a reduction to practice effort on an “in-the-wall” data transmission system.

As a spin off of the above effort, development of two and one half inch CDP, qualified for short radius (horizontal well) drilling, is complete to the point that it has undergone substantial field trials and is now being used commercially. This paper presents the details and current status of these development efforts.


BS from Penn State and MS and PhD from Ohio State, all in Chemical Engineering.

Significant Work and Accomplishments:
Hercules Inc, 1964 thru 1978. Directed fabrication of first structural graphite composites to fly on an aircraft and to be utilized on a satellite (a wing tip for the Northrop F5, a Spoiler for the Boeing 737, and the Truss structure of the ATS Satellite). Was instrumental in the application of graphite in sporting goods (golf shaft and tennis racket).
ACPT, Inc.: Founder and CEO. ACPT is internationally recognized for its excellence in developing and manufacturing advanced composite structures and hardware. ACPT has pioneered in the transfer of aerospace design and manufacturing technology to commercial applications and is currently developing composite drill pipe for the oil and gas industry.

Publications and Presentations:
Has published 30 papers and has spoken extensively on the subject of Advanced Composites. Is internationally recognized for his knowledge and experience in this area.

Professional Societies and Recognition:
Has been very active in both SAMPE and The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Is now serving a term on the Board of Directors of SME and has also served two terms as an advisor to the Composites Manufacturing Association of SME. Has been honored by SME through the awarding of the level of Fellow Member and the Jud Hall Award. The latter is awarded annually to an individual in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of manufacturing with composite materials.

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